ECO Farm Commercial Refrigeration Dryer Low-Temperature Freeze Dryer Machine

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1. Large touch LCD screen with a friendly human-computer interaction interface. The display screen also could realize remote control of mobile phone and computer. (Contact us to get more details)

2. Suitable for placing bulk materials

3. Freeze-drying temperature can reach to -60℃

4. Use metal vent valve, scale precision adjustment

5. Thick silicone hose, safe and not easy to deform

6. Stable design, compact, small footprint.

7. Beautiful appearance, ergonomic design and convenient operation.

8. Transparent bell-type drying room, safe and intuitive.

Freeze dried area 0.12 m²
Cold trap temperature ’-60 
Water capture 4 kg
Standard vacuum ≤5 Pa
Limit vacuum 2 Pa
Material tray 200 mm X 4 pieces
Power 680W(standard 370W vacuum pump)
Main engine weight 70 kg
Dimensions 600*558*390 mm
Power supply AC220V 25A 50Hz
Noise 55dB
Working Temperature(℃): ≤30 
Accessories Vacuum pump, KF25 Clamp*2, KF Vacuum hose*1


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