ECO Farm Deep Cycle AGM VRLA Battery FCD Series 6V/12V

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  • ECO Farm deep cycle battery comes with radial grid design and tight assembly technology which ensure excellent high rate discharge performance;
  • Because of deep cycle design and 4BS technology, the service life of this absorbed glass mat battery is longer;
  • The unique grid alloy and special positive/negative lead paste formula make our deep cycle AGM battery boasts superior deep cycle performance and over discharge recovery capability;
  • High purity raw materials ensure low self discharge;
  • Gas recombination technology brings super high seal reaction efficiency. Therefore, no acid mist will be separated out and environment is thereby protected;
  • This type of lead acid cell has safe and reliable sealing performance in that it boasts high reliable sealing technology.
  • Voltage covers: 6V,12V
  • Capacity: From 200/20HR to 260/20HR
  • Deep Cycle Battery, AGM VRLA Battery mainly for Solar Power System

  • Solar energy and wind energy systems;
  • Golf cart, wheelchairs and electric vehicles;
  • Electric power tools;
  • Other power fields.

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