ECO Farm Dehumidifier for Greenhouse with 3600 CFM

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Product Name ECO Farm Greenhouse Dehumidifier
Maximum dehumidification 20kg/h
Applying Area(with three meters height) 450~600M² (height:2.6m)
Airflow 3600 CFM
Circulating air flow 5600m³/ h
Power 7.2kw
Size 1240X520X1700 mm
Weight 245kg
Power 380V-50HZ
Defrost method Automatic
Outer packing wooden case
Low noise <66 dB
Maximum input current 26.3A
Rated input power 10.0kW


  • Easy operation, convenient movement-press the key ‘HUM’, and you can freely set humidity value as you need. It dehumidifies moisture until reaching the humidity value you set. When moisture is 5% higher than the humidity value you set, the dehumidifier starts to work automatically without your repeated operation. The dehumidifier, weighing only 24 pounds, can be moved easily with its pulleys
  • Automatically on and off, continuously drain-the dehumidifier stops working automatically if the water tank(0.74 gallon,2.8L) is full. When the dehumidifier is draining with drain hose(4 feet hose is included), the water outlet of the water tank should be blocked(the plug is included), and water is drained out automatically, which saves both time and labor
  • Low noise-the high efficiency dehumidifier stands with stability, keeping at least 10 inches away from surroundings. The noise is below 49dB even though the room dehumidifiers continuously works. You can’t hear any noise from it, if you close the door. It’s a quiet dehumidifier for basements
  • Multi-function-press the key ‘MODE’, you can choose dehumidification or fan to meet your need. The best effect appears in an airtight space. The dehumidifier can be applied to large closet room, warehouse, laundry, bathroom, basement, garage


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