ECO Farm Digital Electric D-nail/E-nail Heating Set PID Temperature Controller With Accessories

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  • ECO Farm PID temperature controller comes with a 20mm coil, don't use it under high temperature for a long time, it is easy to burn the coil, which will cause the machine to break down.
  • No glue inside, no noise when rocking, the unit is grounded and fuse protected so in the event of a power surge your unit will be safe!
  • It has the last set temperature memory so once you find your ideal temperature you won't need to change the temperature every time when you use the temperature controller.
  • It Heats up fast, the maximum temp can be up to 1000°F.  So we advise the working temperature is to be controlled at about 710°F(±20°F). 

Enail host: 130*88*38mm
Coil: inner diameter 20mm,
100W power cable
Food grade silicone pad: 10*10cm
Silicone box: 5ml*2
Instructions: 1 copy
Size: 22*15*7cm
Weight: 800g


    1. Plug-in power cord and coil cord into unit.
    2. Once a unit has been plugged into a power socket, press the power button to power the unit on. Only power on the unit when the coil is attached to the provided nail securely.
    3. Unit is set to automatically reach the desired "low temp" of 710 degrees Fahrenheit.
    4. Press & hold the "Up/Down" button and side arrows to select your own desired temperature (100-999 Fahrenheit)
    5. Power off the unit when not in use.

    1x Digitial Heating Unit
    1x 5 ft. long black coil
    1x Quartz Nail
    1x Quartz Carb
    1x 1.8 m long power cord
    1x zipper case

    Do not leave unattended while powered on.

    The coil element becomes extremely hot while in use. Do not touch once powered on.

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