ECO Farm Double Ended 1000W HPS Grow Light Kit Dimmable Light For Greenhouse

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ECO Farm 1000W DE HPS grow light kit delivers ultimate light output, superior uniformity and deeper canopy penetration. It is high intensity light and produces noticeably bigger, fuller flowers and overall heavier yields. HPS light has the good spectrum that is best for flowering stage of plant growth.

  • High performance dimmable high-frequency ballast with overdrive.
  • Glass optical silver-coated reflector with >99% reflectivity.
  • 1000W DE HPS lamp has the highest available PAR light outputand maintains results after multiple growth cycles.
  • Maximum light efficiency, 25% more grow lights towards crops.
  • Support external controlfor multiple lighting fixtures.

Product HPS 1000W DE
Model No. DE-1000e-HR99-208V277V
Rated power 1000W
Dimming 600W, 750W, 1080W, 1200, EXT 0-10V
Input voltage 208-277V
Input current 5.8A (Max) 1215W; 5.8A @208V, 4.3A @277V
Input frequency 50/60Hz
Power factor ≥0.98
Efficiency >97%
THD ≤10%

Open/short circuit protection, bulb faulty protection, bulb aging protection, input under-voltage protection, over-temperature protection

Operating temperature 0℃~35℃
Compatible lamp Double Ended High Pressure Sodium (HPS) 1000W K12 x 30S
Initial luminous flux 164385lm
PPF 2000 μmol/s
Requirement of installment Comply with CE certificate
Product dimensions 550x270x170mm
Product weight 7.0KG
Packaging method Carton Box / 1 set (Ballast, Reflector, Lamp, Power cord, Rope Ratchet Hangers)
Packing dimensions 600x320x260mm
Gross weight 7.9KG
Warranty Free replacement within 3 years for ballast, 1 year for lamp
Region applied EU, Australia, South Africa, etc.
Industry applied Greenhouse Grow Lighting, Industrial Lighting (indoor only)

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