ECO Farm Double Ended CMH 630W Full Spectrum Grow Light Bulb For Indoor Planting

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Lumen: 72000LM at 3100K
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High Lumen Output: Color Temperature: lumen 72000LM at 3100K lumen 68000LM at 4200K. Ideal for indoor gardening or supplemental greenhouse lighting.

High-quality Materials: ECO Farm 630W CMH double-ended light bulb is made from the highest-quality materials, this proprietary phosphorous coating on the outside of the arc tube can enhance lumen output and optimized spectra which provides the richest spectrum and produces more Photosynthetic for your plants growing.

More Efficiency: Using Philips bulb liner.

Full Spectrum: The gases inside a CMH bulb produce more light but generate less heat than HPS, with full spectrum which is promoting plants growth, CMH lamps can produce more PAR per watt than HPS, Optimal for plants VEG & Flowering.

Compact design for double-ended CMH 630W reflector fixtures.

Lumen: 68000LM at 4200K/ 72000LM at 3100K
Suitable PGZX18 lamp holder,4KV

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