ECO Farm DWC Hydroponic System 6 Bucket Grow Kit System

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ECO Farm 6 bucket grow kit with DWC, DWC setups hace easier access to nutrients and oxygen, plants spend less energy searching for nutrients, they can focus on growing. Since there is no medium In DWC systerm, it's less likely gowing bugs.

Convinient Using method, you don't need worry aobut you plants, once set up properly, your DWC  will always supply the right amount of nutrients and oxygen to you plant. 

HYDROPONIC 6 BUCKET SYSTEM, approach to providing the best growing enviroment for your plants. As a result, Plants grow faster and provide greater yields.


>HS-0106 PVC--1+6 Group Standard:

1, hydroponic barrel (20L)---Group 6

2, main liquid bucket (20L)---group 1

3, water pump and air pump----1 units

4, clay pebble----1 bag

5, air tubing----6 M

6, gas-rock----.6 pcs

7, one-way valve---6 pcs.

8, the visual water Level Group----1 sets

9, valve connection----6 groups

10, copies of the instructions------- 1 pcs.

11, thickened plus hard 5 layers corrugated outer box packaging

Note: Standard does not include PH test pen, etc.


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