ECO Farm ECOQ 65W Mini Quantum Board Samsung Chips LED Grow Light For Plant Seedling Stage

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  • Lower running cost & very high efficiency: Samsung new LEDs chips, high quality, high efficiency, long service life.
  • Increase yield and crop quality, ideal for all growth stages: 224pcs LEDs, it contains warm white light(3000k) + blue light(5000k) + red light(660nm) + IR light(730nm)+ UV light(380nm).
  • NO fans, thin and light, very quiet. High-security performance. High-security performance. 
  • Larger lighting coverage and better for grow plants.

  • Sealed IP63 waterproof housing 
  • Passed CE RoHS FCC certification, user-friendly packaging
  • Fast heat dissipation made by 1.6MM aluminum
  • High Efficacy: 2.5μmol/J
  • Lightweight, easy installation


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