ECO Farm ECOZ Series 250W/510W/700W/1000W Samsung LM301H Chips LED Grow Light Strips With Separately UV+IR Control

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Watt: 1000W
Group Controller: Without Controller
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  • ECO Farm ECOZ 250W/510W/700W/1000W series light with top-bin Samsung LM301H chips (5000K+3000K)+Osram (660nm+730nm)+Refond (395nm), offering all the necessary light effiency to your medicinal plants in whole growth stages - from VEG to Flower
  • Adjustable full spectrum 3 channels dimming way, each channel can be controllable separately.
  • UV IR seperately control
  • Passive cooling, no noise operation.
  • Higher yields and lower cost: ECO Farm ECOZ series delivers powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to resulting maximum higher yields.
  • 'Plug & play' fast installation design makes your grow way easier with lowest maintenance cost and easy installation, specially big saves on shipping.

  • Save 100%-200% on lighting compared to other brands;
  • Make you get 30% Higher Yield compare the traditional lamps, Increases revenue with better quality flower,s and higher yield(maximize crop yield by growing vertical);
  • High yields and low consumption - 2.9 μmol/j ;
  • Reduce HVAC and electricity costs by 50-60%;
  • Reflector design with 120 Degree Wide Beam Angle;
  • Samsung 301H led grow light pre-assembled, easy to use, just plug and play to offer lightyour plants;
  • Quiet operation, without noise;
  • Unique optic lens modules guarantee your outstanding PAR output and strong penetrability;
  • 3 Channel dimmers wwitches: VEG , Bloom , UV separately controlled. Freely adjust the light intensity according to different growing stages; VEG dimmer to control white light 5000K, one Bloom dimmer to control white light +red light (3000K+660nm), and UV dimmer to control UV 395nm;
  • Plug & Play design, horticultural can be easier;
  • Perfect heat management, cool to touch.


Model Code
ECOZ 1000
Power Draw (W)
1000W MAX
Samsung LM301H (5000K+3000K)
Osram ssl80(660nm+730nm)
Refond (395nm)
Dimension (CM)
Detachable (Plug-in Type)
 'Clip in' and 'Clip out' making for super easy assembly and maintenance.
Dimmable (Manual/ Controller)
Input Voltage

Autosensing 100-277V

3 Channels
Veg/Bloom/UV Individually control
Coverage MAX
6' x 6'
5' x 5'
Efficiency (umol/j)
2.9 umol/j
Mounting Height

18” - 24” above canopy

Max. Ambient Temperature

95°F / 35°C

Operating Temp

20°C ~ 40°C (-4°F ~ 104°F)



Packaging Size
5 Years

3 Channels:

External Controller


    5 years

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