ECO Farm EH9115 Series Low Frequency Three Phase (3/3) Online UPS (20-200KVA)

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Its advanced battery charging system enables the UPS to supply a long backup time while the charging time is rather short, and its temperature compensation system can help to prolong the service life of the battery. Also, its circuit is simple, which reduces the number of components and makes the manchine more compact and more reliable. Its true double-conversion online technology provides pure and safe power supply to all appliances, communication equipment and important loads connected to the internet, and the DSP technology responds quickly to different power supply problems, making sure its load will work uninterruptedly. It is compatible to all kinds of loads and widely used in the fields of energy sources, transportation, office, medical equipment, engine-room, data center, toll station and so on.

  • Range from 20kva to 200kva;
  • Ture double-conversion online technology;
  • DSP 100% micro controlled;
  • N+1 parallel redundant connection;
  • High efficiency >92%;
  • Dual power supply (selectable);
  • Accept 100% unbalanced load;
  • Cold start;
  • Intelligent battery control;
  • Compatible with generators;
  • Powerful communication system(RS232. SNMP. GPRS).

MODEL(EH9115-) 20K3/3 30K3/3 40K3/3 60K3/3 80K3/3 100K3/3 120K3/3 160K3/3 200K3/3
Capacity 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 60KVA 80KVA 100KVA 120KVA 160KVA 200KVA
design technology true online double conversion, inverter based on igbt’s, 6 pulses rectifier, dry ISO transformer inverter side.
features 100% digital with last DSP technology / compatible with worldwide UPS monitoring system, immune to phase rotation input (for rectifier ) / dual input (optional)/LCD display / thermomagnetic protection for input, output, bypass and battery / UPS parallel ready with other UPS of the same capacity for redundancy /
estimated useful life > 20 years
efficiency ac / ac ECOMODE >98%, inverter> 92%, AC-AC 91%
voltage (*) 3×380/220 vac ± 25% (165v to 275v)
Thermomagnetic protection thermomagnetic breaker
lead wires (*) 3 phases +neutral+ground
frecuency (*) 50hz ± 25% (42.5hz to 62.5hz)
power factor 0.8 typ at full load
technology rectifier 6 PULSES, immune to phase rotation for rectifier input.

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