ECO Farm EH9335 Rack Mount Series High Frequency 3/3 Online UPS (10-40KVA)

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  • EH9335 is new generation of high-frequency on line UPS developed, which use with advanced DSP digital control echnology. Effectively improve product performance and system reliability, and achieve higher power density, with features such as small size, light weight, and high work efficiency, etc. This series of UPS can solve almost all power problems, such as power outage, city power high voltage, city power low voltage, voltage drop, amplitude reduction, Power problems such as high voltage pulses, voltage fluctuations, surge voltages, harmonic distortion, clutter interference, and frequency fluctuations to provide the best power environment for the load. Adopt 3U rack structure to be installed easily.
  • Double conversion online design, 0ms exchange output, single input and single output voltage.
  • With DSP digital control technology, Excellent performance index, the control system more stable and reliable.
  • With active power factor correction technique(PFC),Input power factor close to 1, greatly reducing the pollution of the electricity grid.
  • Ultra-wide input voltage range.
  • Input frequency range of 40 ~ 70Hz, to ensure access to a variety of fuel generators can work.
  • LCD + LED using real-time display, the user can intuitively understand the operating state of the UPS.
  • Has turned self-diagnostic function, can detect hidden faults of UPS.
  • With AC input over-voltage and under-voltage protection, output overload protection, short-circuit protection, temperature protection, battery under-voltage warning protection and battery overcharge protection, etc.
  • Overall efficiency 94.5% reduction in power loss of UPS, saving the user’s cost.
  • When there is no utility power, it can directly use the battery to start working.
  • When the utility power is restored, the UPS can automatically turn on and charge the battery at the same time to realize the unattended function.
  • When the electricity is interrupted, UPS will discharge untill power off during battery mode.
  • The standard RS232 communication interface enables multi-functional and multi-purpose monitoring and management operations between the UPS and computer through a computer window, and an SNMP card (optional) can be installed to realize the UPS remote monitoring function.


Model EH9335-10KRS EH9335-15KRS EH9335-20KRS EH9335-30KRS EH9335-40KRS
RatedPower 10KAVA/9KW 15KVA/13.5KW 20KVA/18KW 30KVA/27KW 40KVA/32KW
Input format Three-phase four- line+ground
Rated input voltage AC 380V/400V/415V
Voltage range AC 208V~478V
Frequency range 45-55Hz at50Hz/54-66Hz at60Hz (Auto sensing)
Input power factor ≥0.99
Input current harmonic ≤3% (100% Nonlinear load)
Bypass range Bypass protection voltage upper limit: 220V: +25% (Optional +10%, +15%, +25%)
230V: +20% (Optional+ 10%, +15%)
240V: +15% (Optional+10%)
Bypass protection voltage lower limit: -45% (Optional -20%-30%)
Bypass frequency protection range: ±10%
Output Three-phase four-line + ground
Output Voltage AC 380V/400V/415V
Output power factor 0.8/0.9
Output range ±1%
Output frequency Online Mode: following utility electricity frequency, battery mode: 50/60Hz±0.2%
Load peak ratio 3:01
Output harmonic distortion ≤ 2% Linear Load ≤ 5% Nonlinear Load


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