ECO Farm EH9335 Series High Frequency 3/3 Online UPS (10-80KVA)

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The EH9335 series of 3/3 UPS adopts double-change online design, with input power factor correction (PFC), which makes the input power factor as high as 0.99. It has a high energy density ratio, which greatly reduces its own volume and floor space of the computer room. Using digital control, the system is highly stable, with selfprotection and fault diagnosis capabilities. This series of UPS can better solve power supply problems such as instantaneous voltage drop, damping oscillation, high voltage pulse, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, clutter interference, and frequency fluctuation for users.

  • Double conversion high frequency online design.
  • Using digital control, the system is more stable.
  • With input power factor correction (PFC), the input power factor is 0.99.
  • The number of battery cells can be set according to user needs: ±16/17/18/19/20 cells.
  • With parallel interface, 4 units can be paralleled, and battery packs can be shared in parallel.
  • The charging current can be set, and the three-stage charging management of constant voltage, constant current, and floating charge can be automatically switched.
  • With LCD and LED dual display, users can intuitively understand the working status and parameters of the UPS.
  • With a maintenance bypass switch, which can be maintained when the power is uninterrupted.
  • The output load capacity is strong, which can adapt to the unbalanced three-phase load.
  • With RS232 communication interface and SNMP (optional) card.
  • With emergency shutdown (EPO) button interface, in an emergency, press the EPO button to emergency shutdown.
Model EH9335- 10KS EH9335- 20KS EH9335- 30KS EH9335- 40KS EH9335- 60KS EH9335- 80KS EH9335- 10K EH9335- 20K EH9335- 30K EH9335- 40K
Rated capacity 10KAVA/9KW 20KVA/18KW 30KVA/27KW 40KVA/32KW 60KVA/54KW 80KVA/64KW 10KVA/9KW 20KVA/18KW 30KVA/27KW 40KVA/32KW
Input format Three-phase four-line + ground
Rated input voltage AC 380V/400V/415V
Voltage range AC 208V~478V
Frequency range 45-55Hz at50Hz / 54-66Hz at60Hz (Auto)
Input power factor ≥0.99
Input current harmonic ≤3% (100% Nonlinear load)
Bypass range Bypass protection voltage upper limit: 220V: +25% (Optional +10%, +15%, +25%)230V: +20% (Optional+ 10%, +15%)240V: +15% (Optional+10%)
Bypass protection voltage lower limit: -45% (Optional -20%-30%)
Bypass frequency protection range: ±10%
Output format Three-phase four-line + ground
Rated output voltage AC 380V / 400V / 415V
Output power factor 0.8 / 0.9
Output accuracy ±1%
Output frequency Online mode: Follow the utility frequency; Battery Mode: 50/60Hz±0.2%
Output current harmonic ≤ 2% Linear Load ≤ 5% Nonlinear Load

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