ECO Farm Fabric Square Pots Smart Planting Bags

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Size: 35X35X35CM
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  • Square and sturdy: made of thickened non-woven fabric, these grow bags allow for square foot gardening in raised pots, which saves space and keeps weeding to a minimum.
  • Reinforced handles: the handles have double stitching, allowing you to effortlessly transport your bags and take advantage of changes in sunlight patterns.
  • Breathable: non-woven fabric means your plant roots stay aerated and are air-pruned, which helps maintain a healthy root structure and makes them more efficient when absorbing nutrients.
  • Great drainage: you don’t have to worry about over-watering your plants or having moldy soil, because these bags will naturally drain excess water through their weaving, keeping your soil moist but not wet.
  • Stick holder: the loops on the sides allow stakes to slide in, which help maintain the structure of the plant while avoiding damage to the root zone; Sticks and poles not included.

    • ECO Farm fabric grow bag with a square design, regular with bamboo or stick can contribute to your plants, flowers or other plants growing to flourish.
    • You can use our grow bags planting vegetables in the garden, balcony, etc. It is convenient to care for and with high survival rate.




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