ECO Farm Full Spectrum 26W 200LEDs Grow LIght For Indoor Hydroponics Plants

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Item: ECO-PAR38 (Par38 full spectrum E27 LED grow light) 
Voltage: 85-260(V)
Size: 120*120(mm)
LED type: E27
LED quatitity: 200s
LED chips: SANAN 
PAR: 150 (lm/W)
PPFD: 3000 (lm)
Provides comfortble and bright enviroment, increases indoor plants growing speed and yield. Vegetables, flowering plants and medicinal plants are the main goal of ascension, full spectrum light provides the light as similar as sun light in order to support complete plant growth requirements.
More than half of the total amout of the 200 LEDs are RED LEDS(120), these red light are important for plant growth, as a result the sufficient red llight brings plant more yiled. 

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