ECO Farm GS Series 190W/380W/570W CREE Chips COB LED Grow Light For Indoor Plants

Watt: 190W
Sale price$137.50


1) Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light: Consists of 630nm of red light, 450nm of blue light, 730nm IR, 395nm UV, 6000k white light more scientifically and energy-efficient! ECO Farm GS series light provides plants in all stages from veg to flower with everything they need, achieve greater yield while saving you on energy costs!
2) 90 degree patent optic lens modules guarantee your outstanding PAR output and lighting performance.
3) Veg/Bloom enhancing duar channel, easy for full growth cycle from clone to heavy harvest.
4) Carefully selected spectra delivering the sun spectrum that is needed by plants.
5) Shorten the growing circle and increase the yield for your plants.

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