ECO Farm Efficient Large High Power Outdoor Vegetation Electric Heater

Size: 5kw
Sale price$464.99




  • The heater is a fan force heater that can provide a reliable and efficient heat source to your greenhouse plants.
  • It permanently lubricated for life, uses a totally enclosed, thermally protected and heavy duty ball bearing motor that provides long life with very low maintenance required.
  • It is sure to protect your tender plants from becoming a frosted, soggy mush and keep your young plants snug and warm until spring.
  • Adopt scientific and uniform heat dissipation treatment method, connect the wind belt, and heat dissipation Evenly.
  • Fast heating, large heat dissipation, durable material, high temperature resistance and no rust, good quality heating tube.
  • The product has a wide range of applications, which can be used for drying medicinal materials and wood, and can also be used for greenhouse animal husbandry.

  • 5KW comes with only 2 settings and fan modes
  • Keeping your tender plants warm and thrive in the best climate
  • It is protected against water splashing and it is light weight
  • Minimal maintenance required

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