ECO Farm High Quality 4“/5“/6"/8"/10"/12" Exhaust Duct Muffler

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Size: 4"
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  • A ventilation ducting tool designed to dampen or reduce noise coming from the airflow in grow tent or server closet ventilation systems.
  • It utilizes high-grade neoprene foam crafted in a wave crest pattern that diminishes sound wave movement, reducing noise pollution by up to 50%.
  • The egg crate foam muffles sound vibration while allowing maximum airflow passthrough for both intake and exhaust configurations.
  • Installed with exhaust system in order to reduce the noise emitted by the exhaust system. 
  • Thick foam insulation stops sound waves but allows clear airflow through the system; Keeps your system running smoothly and efficiently without strain.
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free, flanged on each end for convenient hook-up.


Cover material: steel
Model number: duct muffler
Size: 4"; 5"; 6"; 8"; 10"; 12"

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