ECO Farm Mini Portable Ozone Generators Machine Air Purifier

Size: 5g/hour
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Bactericidal ability
Ozone has a strong oxidizing property and is recognized as abroad -spectrum and high- efficiency bactericide in the world. It's oxidizing ability is higher than chlorine. It is 600-3000 times faster than chlorine to sterilize in water , and can kill bacteria within a few seconds . For common Escherichia coli, Streptococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, molds and soon, the killing rate is good when the ozone concentration iskeptat0.3ppm for5minutes. Over 99%. Its sterilization and disinfection effect is almost instantaneous. When the ozone concentration in water reaches 0.3-2ppm,it can kill bacteria within 0.5-1min. The amount of ozone required to achieve the same sterilization effect (e.g.99%killing rate of E.coli)is only 0.0048%of chlorine.

How To Use It

Place the ozone generator in a specific ( stable, well ventilated and cool) location in the sterilizing room
To achieve the best ozone disinfection effect, close doors and windows, and do not have people indoors during disinfection
Switch on the " power switch", turn the "timer knob" clockwise to the required sterilization timescale (or rotate the "timer knob" counter - clockwise to normal position ), the device starts to work, and the ozone output port has ozone output. Time to wait ozero, devices tops automatically.

Working principle

When a gas containing oxygen passes through the discharge gap between the two electrodes, part of the oxygen (02) is converted to ozone (03) to achieve ozone preparation. When there is a high voltage on the high voltage electrodes with changes, micro- discharges will occur in the discharge gap between the electrodes. The oxygen molecule is decomposed into free oxygen atom O. Some free oxygen atoms are recombined with the non- decomposed oxygen molecule to for mozone(03), or 0+02=03, which is called corona discharge or silent discharge. In fact, only a portion of the electrical energy applied to the electrodes is used to prepare ozone, which also generates heat, and the ozone generation module needs to be effectively cooled by a fan.
This product uses double ball bearing heatsink fan, highspeed and large air volume to ensure good heat dissipation of heat elements inside the machine, low ozone concentration decay rate, long-term use can still ensure adequate ozone production and concentration up to the standards 3.3:Ozone belongs to abroad - spectrum fungicide and has a strong killing effect on various bacteria and viruses. The generated ozone gas has strong oxidation, catalysis and other effects. Viruses and bacteria in ozone gas are subjected to a variety of free radicals, which cause protein dissociation and denaturation, and the activity of nucleic acids and enzymes is reduced, thus sterilizing and purifying the air. Ozone and toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, xylene undergo complex physical and chemical reactions such as degradation and oxidation, and By- products are non-toxic and harmless, and secondary pollution can be avoided.




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