ECO Farm HPS Double Ended Opened Hydroponics Grow Light Reflector GL-D1035

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  • ECO Farm reflector fixtures run significantly cooler compared to conventional lighting setups and do not need to be cooled with ducting and fan, they have unique vents so that they can simply be air cooled and are really energy efficient.
  • High reflectivity aluminum ensures soonest flourish of your plants.
  • HPS Grow Light Bulbs: high PAR value (photosynthetically active radiation), superior quality & optimized spectrum to promote growth.
  • Sturdy reflective hood has high reflectivity, with excellent color rendering and outstanding high quality, and the high quality lamp holder.

Type: Solar Agricultural Greenhouses
Cover Material: Aluminum
Material: Steel + Aluminum
Matched lamps: Double Ended HPS
Input Voltage(V): 120-240v / 240-277v
Usage: Hydroponics Plant Growth
Color: White/Black
Lamp Power(W): 1000

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