ECO Farm Hydroponic 1000W Double Ended HPS Grow Light Reflector Hoods Open Hood Plus

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  • ECO Farm grow light reflector hoods have high-reflectivity: painted white panels with reflective anuminum and specular aluminium, maximizes the light reflected to the plants and ensures soonest flourish of your plants.
  • Suitable for 1000W HPS/ MH grow light system.
  • When maximizing growing area is a priority, the ECO Farm Hood not only provides large reflecting surface, but also effective cooling with the help of fans, filters, and silencers.

Size: 16.50" Long x 15.5" Wide x 5" High
Steel Bracket with white powder coating.
Big Hammered Tone Reflective anuminum and Specular aluminium
Even light spread output
15FT power cord #16AWG/3C STW 600V,with 3 pin plug
K12x30s lamp holder, 3KV

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