ECO Farm Hydroponic Grow Rack System Multi-Layer 12 Tubes

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  • High quality food grade PVC-U: This hydroponic grow kit is made from food grade PVC-U for long-lasting use. Hydrogen peroxide and nutrients are delivered directly to the roots for better growth.
  • Wide Applications: The growing system is suitable for leafy vegetables in your home, garden and office. It is ideal for planting lettuce, rapeseed, celery, beets, strawberries, tomatoes, etc.



Item Quantity
9050 Tube 80cm 12 pieces
Fixed bracket 1 set
Water Tank 1 pcs
Water pump(JK-388) 1 pcs
Digital Timer 1 pcs
Planting basket 108 pcs
Colonization sponge 108 pcs
Buoy 1 pcs






Using Way:

1. Add water to the water tank, pour the nutrient solution, and energize to circulate the nutrient solution;
2. Wrap the seedlings with a colonization sponge, and then put them into the colonization basket;
3. Put the planting basket with seedlings in the planting hole of the planting pipe;
4. Set the timer. The first week of seedling transplantation, set the timer to run for half an hour and stop for half an hour; for the second week, run for half an hour and stop for one and a half hours.
5. Pay attention to observe the changes of water level and add nutrient solution in time to ensure plant growth.

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