ECO Farm Hydroponics Plastic Grow Pot 100 Pcs

Style: A Black
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  • Net pot with holes in the bottom of these pots produce healthy roots with even drainage, which let the roots grow their own way, right down through the pot and out of the sides, allow for bigger, healthier roots.
  • Made of high quality plastics so that net pot/cup can be reused without crumbling. With wide lip along the top of containers.
  • These plant pots work with many types of media, such as hydroponics or soil-based, expanded clay pebbles, lava rocks, pumice, etc. They can also be used as a small garden with soil.


Material: PP

Planting pot A: upper outer diameter 5.4 cm, inner diameter 4.8 cm, bottom outer diameter 3.0 cm; height 5.0 cm

Planting pot B: upper outer diameter 8.2 cm, inner diameter 7.2 cm, bottom outer diameter 5.4 cm; height 6.5 cm

Planting pot C: upper outer diameter 10.7 cm, inner diameter 9.7 cm, bottom outer diameter 8.1 cm; height 9.8 cm


Planting pot A: about 2.8 grams/piece;

Planting pot B: about 8.7 grams/piece;

Planting pot C: about 23 grams/piece;

Hole diameter:

A-50mm; B-74mm; C-98mm.

Apply: Vegetables suitable for planting: all leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, loofahs and other melon fruits and vegetables

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