ECO Farm 50/100/200Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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Options: LP16-4850 (51.2V/50Ah)
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  • ECO Farm wall mounted Lithium battery (LiFePO₄ battery) solutions are highly integrated, deep cycle backup power solutions for your solar home energy storage system. With rich experience and advanced techniques, the product has the features of the fashionable design, high energy, high power density, long service life, and easiness of installation and expansion.
  • 4000 cycles @80% DoD for effectively lower total of ownership cost;
  • Low maintenance batteries with stable chemistry;
  • Battery management system (BMS) is incorporated against abuse;
  • Up to 6 months thanks to its extremely low self discharge (LSD) rate and no risk of sulphation;
  • Save time and increase productivity with less down time thanks to superior charge/discharge efficiency;
  • Suitable for use in a wider range of applications where ambient temperature is unusually high: up to +60°C;
  • Lithium batteries provide more Wh/Kg while also being up to 1/3 the weight of its SLA equivalent.

LP16-4850 (51.2V/50Ah) LP16-48100 (51.2V/100Ah) LP16-48200 (51.2V/200Ah)
Nominal Voltage 51.2 V
Nominal Capacity 50 Ah 100 Ah 200 Ah
Capacity @ 20A 150 min 300 min 600 min
Energy 2560 Wh 5120 Wh 10240 Wh

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