ECO Farm 90L/D Dehumidifier With Handle Commercial Big Wheels Dehumidifier

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Dehumidifier is composed of compressor, heat exchanger, fan, water holder, housing and controller.
How it works: The humid air is pumped into the evaporator by the fan for heat exchange and cooling. When the humid air passes through the evaporator fin whose temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of the air at this time, the moisture in the air will condense into liquid and attach to the evaporator. With the increasing of condensed water, the condensed water will flow into the water tank and then be discharged out of the machine by gravity. After dehumidification, the air is heated to near room temperature by the condenser and then discharged into the room, so that the indoor humidity is reduced.

  • Automatic defrosting when ambient temperature is below 18℃
  • Micro-computer control LCD display
  • Humidity control accuracy to ± 1%
  • Controlled by low voltage, more safe
  • With handle and universal wheels, moves easily and portable
  • Humidity set freely, easy to use
  • External drain connect
  • With water tank

Reduction moist quantity  90L/D
Voltage  220V-50Hz
Rated input current  7.5A
Rated input power  1.5KW
Working Temperature  5~38℃
Circulating air Flow  1000stere/h
Drainage way External Drain Connect
size  54X46X103CM
N.W./G.W.  50/53KG
Applicable scope  90-120sq.m
 Moves way  with universal wheels
Packing Wooden case


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