ECO Farm Luminous Intensity Measurement Photosynthesis Light Quantum Meter Integral Illuminance Meter

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Photosynthesis Light Quantum Meter 1339P 

Auto ranging 5 steps and conversion to mole/m/s (PPFD: Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density).
Integral illuminance measurement and conversion to mole/m/d (Daily light integral).
Point - average function / Spectral correction factor function. (include LED)
Spectral correction factor function. (include LED)

This fully portable handheld PAR meter uses a high-precision integrated quantum sensor to measure PAR(photosynthetic active radiation) flux in the wavelength range of 400 to 700 nanometers. 

Best-selling and suitable for indoor growing plants. Light requirements to allow you to enter the stadium, and tested at half the cost.

Data recording function, using standard mini USB data cable and proprietary data recording software and low power consumption, built-in low power indicator.

Constant linear response curve (as opposed to the Gaussian response of other meters) results in higher accuracy and no wavelength, which is ideal for measuring LED lamp output.

Data Hold function.
Data memory and read function.
Reference value stored for relative or
percentage deviation measurement.
Ripple measurement for STRAY + LIGHT function.
Comparator function.
Auto power off function.
Backlight display function.
Auto datalogging & USB interface.

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