ECO Farm Pneumatic Auto 5000 PSI/ 13000 PSI Power Heat Rosin Press Machine

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Heating Plate Size: 12cm x 12cm(4.7"x4.7")
Pressure: 5000PSI
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ECO Farm 5000 psi/ 13000 psi rosin press machine with precise temperature and time control, professional in the extraction of rosin, wax and essential oils.

One of the most important factors when pressing rosin is surface area, ECO Farm makes it top priority and produce this big rosin press plate machine.

  • Heat press stype: Pneumatic auto
  • Temp. range: 0 - 250 centigrade (0-482 Fahrenheit).
  • Time range: 0 - 999 seconds.
  • °F or °C available.
  • Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Printing plate size: 12cm x 12cm(4.7"x4.7") / 10cm x 15cm(4"x6") /15cm x 20cm(6"x8")
  • Machine color: Color random

  • Pressure 5000PSI /13000PSI
  • Easy to adjust the pressure
  • Strong solid aluminum heating plates make heating more even.
  • The newest LCD temperature&time controller, a professional look, makes reading time and temperature more accurate.
  • Pneumatic system - Auto operation pneumatic system with high pressure for work.
  • Completely commercial business grade Removable controller box
  • LCD Digital controller - Individually controlled and temperature with clear LCD panel.
  • Digital timer & temp controller - Preset desired time and an audible alarm will sound when time is complete. Set the desired temperature (in Fahrenheit) and the element will stop heating when preset temperature is reached.    Good for the extraction of rosin, wax and essential oils.
  • Double heating plates, each heating plate has a separate LCD time thermometer to control the Fahrenheit or Celsius can be switched, the pressure is even
  • Strong metal structure - Machine is heavy-duty, commercial-grade, super stable and built.

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