ECO Farm Portable PID Nail Dnail/Enail Heating Set Temperature Controller Coil Heater

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  • The original PID temperature controller e-nail guarantees that all accessories have been strictly tested and are not comparable to ordinary products on the market.
  • Titanium nail or full quartz nail set set, please confirm with customer service before shooting.
  • Titanium nail set contains a six-in-one nail and a titanium cap.
  • All Quartz Nails 14/18 Four-in-One Set Contains 3 accessories, nails, caps, and adapters.
  • Control type: temperature.
  • Temperature range: 0-999 (℃).

1. Standard sizes available with various cross section

2. Robust design with choice of terminal exits

3. Available with built in thermocouple

4. Designed for even heat profile.

5. Precision fit on hot runner nozzles & manifolds.

6. Highly non-corrosive.

7. Maximum heat transfer due to more contact area.

Package Include:

1*PID temperature control box: 125*90*40mm
1*Coil: inner diameter 20mm, 100w
1*Titanium nail: nail+cap/1*Quartz nail: nail+cap+converter
1*Power cord
1*Food grade silicone pad: 10*10cm
2*silicone box: 5ml*2
1*Instruction: 1 pcs
1*High quality PU bag
Bag size: 22*15*7cm

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