ECO Farm Rosin Heat Press Plates Kit 4"x6" With Temperature Control Box And Heating Rod

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  • ECO Farm 4x6" heat press plates kit is featured with a caged cube frame. Light and strong material is applied for heating plate to get excellent heat transfer, thus reaching better working result.
  • Does not fit some A-frame presses, H-frame is recommended for proper clearance. Well Suited to squeeze 3.5 - 36g amounts at a time after procuring 12 -20 tonnage H-frame hydraulic press.
  • Accurate and even heating - Utilizing separately temp sensors and heating rods to detect accurate temp; 6.5' length rods inside center of plate makes it evenly heated.
  • Easy to start, plug and play- This heat plate kit is setup already, just move on to the hydraulic press, then plug and play
  • Long-lasting - More than 6,000 times service of heating rods. Provides carefree usage

  • Consist of strong and light 6061 aluminum + stainless steel
  • Dual digital display of time and temperature
  • Compatible with various hydraulic presses, H frame recommended
  • Comes in a full set, plug and play

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