ECO Farm Smart LED Grow Light Controller System For Greenhouse

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1. Easy to install: Installing the smart led light controller is very simple. All you need to do is plug the power cable into the wall outlet, connect the RJ cables from the controller to each Covert LED, and connect the temperature sensors. From there all you havew to do is set your wattage, on/off times, high temp shutoff and dimming points and yoiu are ready to start growing!

2. Replaces timers: Our light controller replaces standard digital or mechanical timers, plus gives you more features like auto-dimming and shutoff as well as sunrise and sun set modes.

3. Auto-dimming and power boost mode: Once you have connected your lights to the controller and set the on/off timer, you can easily set the max temperatures for the controller to automatically dim or turn off the LEDs in the case your room gets too hot.

  • No need for a switchboard.
  • Easy and safe installation(low voltage device).
  • Protected against short circuit.
  • Double temperature safety feature.
  • Auto shutdown at temperature setting.
  • These fixtures can be controlled centrally by our Smart controller.
  • Smart Controller For LED & DE & CMH System
  • Could control up to 200 pcs ballast

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