ECO Farm T Handle Pollen Press Hash Tool Grinder Spice Crusher

Size: 87*64*25MM
Sale price$8.79


  • Exquisite Design: This T shape pollen press has a high effect on pollen to tablet. The unscrewing cover of the spice grinder ensures high closedness to prevent spilling. Auxiliary metal press tablet provides the progress of pressing pollen more efficiently even you have a small amount.
  • Upgrade Hand Crank: The new upgraded hand crank design of the pollen presser adapts leverage principle, more effortless. The ergonomic design handle makes it comfortable and easy and to grasp.
  • Durable High Quantity: This pollen press tool is made of durable aluminum alloy metal, can be used noisy-less and smoothly. Its spiral bearing can withstand greater pressure without damage or bend.
  • Beautiful & Convenient: The pollen presser has a beautiful design and a shiny silvery metal appearance. The upper and bottom lids are textured to prevent slippage, also provide a soft frosted touch feeling.
  • Wide Application: It comes with a small brush, which is convenient for you to collect and clean. It's portable, you can use it at home, kitchen, meets your needs anytime anywhere.

Note: To avoid appearance and normal performance damage, please do not screw it with tweezers or other powerful instruments.

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