ECO Farm T5 Fluorescent Kits for Hydroponics

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T5 fluorescent lighting systems are becoming increasingly popular with hydroponic gardeners because of the energy efficiency and great yields that come with this type of lighting. Plants thrive under T5 fluorescent lights, without the excessive cost that often comes with traditional metal halide or HID systems. T5 lights are great for early growth stages of your plants, from seedlings to vegetative growth. 

Made by advanced material and thickness available.
Aluminum reflector with white powder coating
With white coating that protects against corrosion.

Size:18.9in long x 16.5in wide x 6in.Tall (480L x 420W x 150H mm)
Steel plate with white powder coating
Mogul E39 socket
18/3C SJTW 105℃ 300V Power Cord, 120V 5-15P Plug , L=10F
Two hangers included.
Without lamp, suitable for CFL125W,150W,200W,250W

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