ECO Farm Two Groups Channels HPS Smart Lighting Controller

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What does a grow light controller do?

One controller can control up to 120 pcs lights. No need for timers, the controller will control when the lights turn on and off through the network.

ECO Farm Smart Lighting Controller is in favor of controlling two groups channels in the greenhouse, which has 60 units per group. The controller uses 0-10V adjustable DC voltage to control output power and switch of electronic ballast; and it is also applicable for time control. Generally, it has 10-60 minutes to simulate sunrise and sunset. Two groups of channels have a protection function that can be set as needed. When you use LCD with resistive 2.8 1 touch screen, you can easily view and modify the current settings for each channel. Moreover; the Smart Lighting Controller is portable, easily operated and installed.

  • Set on/off light schedules
  • Sunrise and sunset feature
  • Prevents ballast current in-rush
  • The ECO Farm lighting controller is a commercial lighting controller for horticultural lights, bringing precision control to HPS lighting systems. Incorporates several industry first features for large scale installations and remote management. Compatible with a wide range of lighting manufacturers and LED drivers.
  • Control lighting - HPS. The outputs universal 0-10V control signals, and works best with modern dim-to-off LED lights and drivers.
  • Using the ECO Farm lighting controller offers you maximum control, ease of use, safety and easy installation.

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