ECO Farm Removable UV Disinfection LED Lamp Against Virus for Home

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  • Kill major of bacteria: clinically proven to kill up to 99% of bacteria in just a few seconds! It kills bacteria and allergens on hard surfaces in homes, offices, public transport and other public places.
  • Proven effect: first, bacteria that are directly exposed to ultraviolet light are immediately eliminated. Second, oxygen (O2) in the air reacts with ultraviolet light in the wavelength range that produces ozone (O3). O3 safely removes up to 99.9% of any remaining bacteria. O3 leaves a completely safe fresh air odor without any residual or chemical odor.
  • Longer Lasting: The LED natural light lamp lasts approximately 50,000 hours -- a longer life than fluorescent bulbs -- and produces uniform, dot-free light that has the same quality of the noonday sun (5500K), full-spectrum.
  • Easy to use: Our uv lamp’s revolutionary, quick one-touch opration makes it simple to use. No complicated settings to mess around with.
  • Lightweight and convenient wheel design can sterilize the required area at any time.

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Lamp power: 2*30W

UV wavelength: 253.7nm

Total product height: 117cm

Package dimensions: 113cmX23cmX23cm

Working environment: Non-corrosive gas, flammable and explosive gas occasions


  • The symbol "I" on the switch means on, and the symbol "O" means off, respectively controlling two lamp tube switches.
  • ECO Farm timer has the function of regular opening and timing, which can be set arbitrarily within 20 minutes and 120 minutes. The timer will automatically cut off the power after the work is completed. It is strictly prohibited to use the timer in the opposite direction.
  • Keep the surface of the germicidal lamp tube clean. Ultraviolet rays have the ability to kill cells. Human eyes and skin should be avoided from being exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time. Therefore, people should leave the room or wear protection when using.
  • To ensure safe use, the power socket must be reliably grounded. After use, turn off the switch and unplug the power cord.
  • If the fuse needs to be replaced, the power cord should be removed and replaced by a professional.

Packing and transportation:

  • Each UV disinfection truck is sealed against moisture with plastic bags, with instructions, and protected with pearl cotton.
  • Avoid rain and snow wet and impact during transportation

Installation Method:

  • The box is installed on the bottom plate. Align the three feet with universal wheels and the screw holes on the bottom plate of the box and tighten with the provided butterfly screws.
  • Open the protective door and lift the lamp arm directly to the required position. If the lamp tube is not installed, install the lamp tube on the lamp holder and rotate it by 90 degrees.
  • Plug in the power and turn on the switch. The timer can be always on or timed, and the time can be set as required.
  • Turn off the switch after use, unplug the power cord, and press the button to retract the lamp arm. Please hold the lamp arm slowly into the light box and close the protective door.

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