ECO Farm V3 240W/480W Movable Quantum Board With Samsung 301H Chips UV IR Separately Control

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Watt: 240W
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  • ECO Farm V3 series 240W/480W movable quantum board uses Samsung LM301H chip + Osram Red 660nm Osram IR 730nm + LG UV 395nm, suitable for all the stages of your plants.
  • ECO Farm V3 quantum board is designed with knob dimming and UV&IR can be independently controlled.

    • High-efficiency custom-designed dimmable quantum boards with Samsung LM301H diodes +660nm+UV+IR
    • Full-spectrum 3500K mixing the most vital extra wavelength 660nm 730nm 385nm. Excellent spectrum optimizes the whole stages of indoor growing plant from seed to flowering.
    • No fans zero noise, prolonged and thickened heatsink( Length: 630mm , Thickness:27mm ), special material to enhance heat dissipation, allowing your plants receive more energy.
    • Optimal canopy penetration with diffused light via a large form factor
    • The updated structure with an adjustable beam distribution rack and offers the possibility of adjusting the quantum board concentration along the rods, making application in different areas more flexible.
    • Dimmable: UV IR separately control


    LED Quantum Board
    Hanging Kit
    Power Cord & Driver & Knob Dimming
    Slide Brackets

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