ECO Farm 6 / 10 LayersVertical Hydroponic Grow Rack Small Hydroponic Grow Shelf Tower

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  • Vertical cultivation planting system: It is composed of multiple cultivation bodies and multiple planting baskets, which are combined into a circle with 8 cultivation bodies. It is soilless cultivation and only needs water and nutrient solution, which can realize green planting without pollution.
  • Automatic Planting Job: After you settle down this hydroponics growing system, It can automatically start to work when you connect the water and power on.You will get a significantly higher yield that grows faster consistently.
  • Highly Efficient Water Savings: It will saving about 90% water than the tradition planting way. Also this is soilless cultivation, Just need the water and plant nutrient solution, it can realize green planting without pollution.
  • Food Grade Material: Made of food-grade ABS, this hydroponic grow system produces high-quality plant that are more nutritious and better-tasting than soil-gardened produce because oxygenated water and nutrients are delivered directly to the roots.
  • Easy Assemble and Use: This hydroponic grow kit is very easy to assemble by everyone, Design for fast, maximum-convenience vegetable gardening. Perfect for beginners! No experience needed
10 layers size: 670*670*1700
Water pump: 110V-240V. 2500l/h 15W
Water tank: 30L
Planting hole: 80
Package size:
   600*425*350  11.5kg  
   670*670*230   6kg
1. Use to plant flowers, vegetables and so on
2. The water circulation cultivation, which saves 90% water
3. Pollution free Soilless cultivation.
4. Easy to set up
5. Mult Vertical planting system.

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