ECO Farm Wholesale 600W Dimmable Electronic Ballast Fit For HPS MH Light

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ECO Farm 600W electric ballast is made of high-quality digital components, delivers excellent value for money without reducing the ballast's level of quality.

Compared to magnetic ballasts, the ECO Farm digital ballast is fairly new on the market, as it includes new technology. Digital ballasts do away with steel plates and copper wires, instead of using electronic circuitry and microprocessors. This solid-state electronic circuitry and microprocessors mean the ballasts could create the optimal levels for different types of lamps and wattages. This also means that Digital Ballasts are smaller and lighter than their magnetic counterparts.

Digital ballast with 4 adjustable levels for reducing wastage and improving usable efficiency of power supply equipment capability.

250W, 400W, 660W, and super, 4 levels for adjusting the lumen to create the optimal environment.

Super level for maximum efficiency to improve yields, the high-frequency output results in less power loss.

Technology Digital
Rated Power 600W
Works For
Rated Input Voltage 220-240V AC
Voltage input range   190Vac~265Vac
Input frequency  50Hz~60Hz
Input Running Current Max 3.0A
Ignition Voltage 3.5~5kV
Required lamp voltage 100~120V
Power factor  0.99
Efficiency  >95%
THD  10%
Dimming 250W,400W,600W,660W
Current crest factor  1.7
Output frequency  >50KHz
Protection Full circuit protection for Hot Start, Short Circuit , Opening Circuit, ignition failure, over/low voltage, overflow current,thermal,end of lamp life
Max. Lamp distance from ballast  15m
Operating temperature range (ta) -20~+50
Ta 30
Tc 70
Case Aluminium
Length of Input Power lead 1.8 M
Length of Output Power lead 0.2 M

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